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iMetal-900UP Metallographic Microscope

Ergonomic design, comfortable operation experience
Excellent microscopic imaging effect: NM900 adopts excellent NIS infinity optical system. The field of view is uniform, bright, and the color reproduction is high. It is suitable for observing semiconductors and other industrial samples.
Large field of view eyepiece: NM900, with a field of view of 25mm, can view wider and more comprehensively and observe samples faster. For samples that require a panoramic view, a microscope with a large field of view is a better choice.
With the mainstream optical system of scientific research microscopes---the infinity optical system, making it possible to realize a variety of observation methods.
Kohler illumination: Perfect Kohler illumination provides a bright and uniform field of view for the microscope.
Modular design, realizing a variety of observation methods: NM900 microscope adopts modular design to realize bright field, dark field, differential interference, fluorescence, polarization and other observation methods. It provides microscopy and data analysis support for such industrial fields as construction, materials analysis, semiconductor production and inspection.

Product Description

iMetal-900UP Series Scientific-grade Metallurgical Microscopes


Observation head

l Binocular observation head

l Trinocular observation head

l Trinocular tilting observation head


l 10X(25)

l 10X(22)


l Six-position nosepiecel

l Six-position coding nosepiece

l Six-position electric nosepiece

Objective lens

l Plan semi-apochromatic objective lens

l Plan semi-apochromatic long-range objective lens

l Plan apochromatic objective lens

Mechanical stage

l Manual mechanical stage, movement 105 (X) X105 (Y) mm

l Motorized mechanical stage, movement 125 (X) X75 (Y) mm


l Halogen lamp

l High Brightness LED (Light Intensity Memory)


l Epi-illuminator (halogen light source, up to 6 multi-function modules)

l Epi-illuminator (LED light source, up to 6 multi-function modules)

Electric motorized control function

l Optional stage movement, objective lens conversion, autofocus, fluorescence module switching

Display screen

l Without display screen

l Status display screen (magnification, light intensity, standby mode, etc.)

l Touch screen (three-axis coordinate display, position memory and return, electric switching of objective lens, etc.)

Observe method

l Transmitted light field, reflected light field, dark field, DIC, polarizing


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