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iMetal-900IV Metallographic Microscope


Product Description

iMetal-900IV Series Scientific-grade Metallurgical Microscope


Observation head

l Binocular observation head

l Trinocular observation head


l 10X(22)

l 10X(25)


l Six-position nosepiece

l Six-position coding nosepiece

l Six-position electric nosepiece

Objective lens

l Plan semi apochromatic objective lens

l Plan semi apochromatic long distance objective lens

l Plan apochromatic objective lens

Mechanical stage

l Manual mechanical stage, movement 78 (X) X 54 (Y) mm

l Electric mechanical stage, movement 115 (X) X 75 (Y) mm


l Halogen lamp

l High brightness LED (intensity memory)

Electric motorized control function

l Stage movement, objective lens conversion, fluorescence module switching, electric motorized focusing, grating control, etc

Display screen

l No display screen

l Status display screen (magnification, light intensity, standby mode, etc.)

l Touch screen (focusing, stage, nosepiece, turret spotlight, intermediate magnification, side port output, etc.)

Observe method

l Reflected bright field, dark field, polarizing, DIC


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